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Glazing maintenance services for Craigavon and all areas of Ireland

Replacement glass

If you’re in need of replacement glass, the chances are you won’t want to be left waiting around. Either your property will be left entirely exposed (leading to an increased health and safety risk for the public) or you’ll be left with wooden boards or plastic sheeting covering up your windows. Neither of these options is good for security, energy efficiency or leaving a good impression – especially if you are a local business that relies on passing trade.

Our replacement glass service is fast and affordable – and our work is of the highest level of accuracy and quality. Options include:

– Double glazing
– Triple glazing
– Safety glass
– Laminated glass
– Heat resistant glass

Replacement hinges and locks

As time wears on, it’s only natural that certain components of your windows and doors will wear out. As soon as this happens, you’ll no doubt start to experience problems with draughts, difficulty opening and closing windows, and even problems getting them locked and unlocked.

There is, however, no need to undergo the expense of replacing the entire window, when all you need do is call us and enquire about our high-quality handle, hinge and lock replacements.

Any component of your door or window can be efficiently upgraded to prolong the life of the unit and restore its functionality.

For replacement glass units and repairs to hinges and locks, just call Superglaze Craigavon on 028 383 59137