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Aluminium windows in Craigavon and Northern Ireland

A sleek, tough window for contemporary homes

Aluminium windows have come on leaps and bounds over the years. They are now a highly attractive choice of window, having all the qualities required for the contemporary home or business.

First, let’s talk about appearance: clean sightlines mean they offer unparalleled views from the inside whilst giving your property an extra “wow factor” from the outside. This feature allows for a greater use of glazing, too!

On to energy efficiency – aluminium windows have an impressively high energy rating, and as such are perfect for the modern home where maintaining a low carbon footprint (as well as keeping those energy bills as low as possible) is a must.

Lastly, aluminium is tough, secure and highly resistant to degradation – it’ll keep the wind, rain and cold at bay whilst stopping burglars in their tracks.

Aluminium Windows and Doors Range - Superglaze

Aluminium windows:
the facts in brief

– Their high energy rating makes them ideal for lowering energy bills, keeping your house warm and lowering your carbon footprint
– Attractive, super-slim profiles
– A range of glazing options
– Tough and secure
– Durable and rot resistant
– A high-quality finish that’s tailored to the style and feel of your home

Take a look below at some examples of of our Aluminium Windows

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