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At Superglaze Craigavon we’re widely recognised in Northern Ireland as being a leading company when it comes to the supply and installation of windows, doors and glazed units for homes and businesses alike.

The company started way back in 1966, so we like to think we’re well-stocked when it comes to experience, expertise and trade knowledge. We’re dedicated to providing the very best service possible for our clients, whether they want a set of French doors, a kitchen splashback, a uPVC casement window, a glass shower screen or a composite door.

We pride ourselves on our honest, reliable service. No hard sell. No cutting corners. Just excellent workmanship and an approach that puts the customer at the heart of everything we do.

Window to French Door Conversions

A Door that has Charm and Elegance in Spades

There’s an undeniable charm to French doors that is enduring. The ability to push open both doors at once to let in the sunlight and allow natural ventilation is something that will greatly benefit your quality of life, especially in the summer months when you want to soak up as much of the sunny weather as you can.

Our French doors are composed of high-quality uPVC, making them secure and energy efficient – perfect for opening out onto your patio, veranda or balcony, whether you live in a block of flats or a house with an expansive garden.

What makes French Doors such a worthy addition to your Home?

They make transporting large or bulky items into and out of your home a doddle. No more crushing your fingers against the door jamb or chipping your plasterwork!

They bring the outside inside – which is great whether you’re sitting at the table reading a book or enjoying a barbecue with friends

They’re secure, weatherproof and well-insulated

They come with a range of glazing options, from obscure to bevelled to decorative glass

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Palladio Composite Doors

Ultra-Secure, Well-Insulated and Aesthetically Pleasing

Composite doors have continued to rise in popularity – and it’s not difficult to tell why. Quite simply, they are constructed from superior materials: they are tough, durable, extremely secure and what’s more, they look amazing, too! Composite doors can be both contemporary and traditional in appearance. You are not restricted by style or colour – plus, there are plenty of glazing options to choose from!

At Superglaze Craigavon we install composite doors for homes and businesses throughout Craigavon and the many surrounding areas.

PVC Windows & Doors

The Nation’s Favourite Choice of Window

uPVC is by far the most popular choice of material when it comes to windows in Northern and Southern Ireland’s homes. Why? Because it simply makes a great window! First of all, it’s affordable, which is a clear bonus. But it also has the qualities needed to make it a worthy purchase. uPVC windows are highly secure, need minimal maintenance (just an occasional wipe will do – no painting required), and they can be suited to properties of just about any style or age.

To discuss our range of uPVC windows here at Superglaze Craigavon, please give us a call and we’ll arrange a viewing of your home to chat with you, show you your available options and take down any measurements.

Aluminium Windows & Doors

Secure, Slimline, Strong and Versatile

Aluminium is an extremely strong material, as well as being resistant to rusting and decay. That makes it an ideal choice for your doors and windows!

What our customers love about aluminium is its ultra-slim profile, which creates an exceptionally sleek and contemporary appearance, giving your property fantastic kerb appeal. Its lightweight nature really does belie just how robust it is – aluminium will stand up to even the harshest of weather conditions, keeping your home nice, warm and dry even when it’s cold and rainy outside.


Made to Measure to suit your Kitchen

Splashbacks are an integral part of any kitchen – without them your walls would quickly develop ingrained stains from food splashes made during cooking. But it’s not all about appearance – all that excess moisture caused by steam is likely to damage your decor after a while.

Our bespoke, cut-to-size splashbacks will keep the area behind your cooker in the excellent condition in which you want it to stay – and what’s more they’ll actually improve the aesthetic appeal of the room, too.

But why stop with just the kitchen? Splashbacks are suitable for many rooms in the house – anywhere where moisture is liable to splash up the walls and cause damage in the long term. These can include bathrooms, wet rooms and utility rooms.

Bespoke Shower Screens

Quality Shower Screens Customised to your needs

Shower screens and enclosures are, of course, an essential feature of your bathroom. The consequences of showering without a fully functioning, correctly installed screen doesn’t bear thinking about!

But utility isn’t the only thing you should be concerned with. If you’re starting to feel that your once colourful and sprightly plastic shower curtain is starting to look distinctly passé (not to mention grimy), or that your current shower screen is no longer cutting it, then we recommend you get in touch with us here at Superglaze Craigavon.

Every feature of our glass shower screens exudes quality of design and workmanship.

Antique Mirror

The perfect addition to any home, gym or studio

As commonplace and mundane as mirrors may seem, on reflection the right mirror can very easily become the focal point of any room. A great mirror should have a truly transformative effect on the surrounding decor – so why make do with cheap, poorly cut glass with unsatisfactory reflective qualities and a poor-standard frame?

Our bespoke, made-to-measure mirrors are ideal for private homes, gyms, dance studios, local businesses and just about any other indoor location. All fixings are of the highest quality and all glass is expertly manufactured, cut and installed by our experienced in-house glaziers.

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What can we offer our customers?

uPVC windows and doors – secure, durable and affordable with lots of design and style options

Composite doors -the ultimate door for any property, being energy efficient, attractive in appearance and highly secure

Kitchen splashbacks – indispensable for any kitchen

Shower screens and enclosures – stylish and watertight

Mirrors – cut and manufactured to the highest quality

Aluminium windows and doors – slimline profiles that are tough and look amazing from the inside and the outside

Maintenance – including replacement glass, hinges, handles and locks


“You could see as a customer from start to finish, that Lee and the team are perfectionists and specialists in what they do! They recently installed a large amount of glass around my kitchen and couldn’t ask for better. Thanks guys, looks amazing!”